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Epidurals, whether you love or loathe them, are a very necessary part of modern anesthesia. These days, epidural anesthesia is used for many procedures including hip replacements, hernia operations and orthopedic procedures on the lower limbs.  Epidural injections are used for relief of chronic back pain.  Epidurals are very well known for pain relief during labor and childbirth. There are pros and cons regarding the use of epidural anesthesia for child birth which are presented in "Pros and Cons of Epidurals".  You will also find a collection of medical journals, websites, webpages and anything else that is relevant to epidural anesthesia, particularly epidural headaches. 

Epidurals seem to evoke very strong reactions in people for their use in childbirth, and certainly have an important role to play in modern day labor.  While some people are very adamant that they want a completely natural birth, others are keen to forgo the bravado and take the best pain relief they can get!  Either way, at times complications can arise and despite the best intentions, an epidural becomes the best resort for a woman.  Each situation is different.  The best thing for any expectant mother is to research the pros and cons of epidurals before childbirth - and if by chance you need or want an epidural you are aware of the risks as well as the benefits prior to the procedure.

Severe complications can develop due to the general risks associated with the epidural procedure and sometimes can be attributed to negligence.  If you believe your complications were caused due to medical negligence, it is best you contact an attorney or lawyer who is competent in this area  - further information on malpractice and litigation is available within this site as are various links to attorneys, possibly even located close to where you live who specialize in medical negligence. 

My interest in epidural anesthesia started after having had a very painful complication called an epidural headache which began more than 3 weeks after (extremely rare late onset) child birth and lasted for 3 months before it was fixed with a "blood patch".

Please read my story read a personal story - Epidural Headache With A Late Onset - Delayed CSF Leak The link is located on the left hand side of this page.

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We are compiling a list of epidural stories, both child birth related, or not.  We would love you to share your story with us, good, or bad, whether to do with epidural anesthesia for child birth or other surgery , epidural headaches, child birth complications relating to epidurals, epidural injections for pain relief,  ANYTHING related to epidurals - if you are a medical professional and have any unusual stories to tell, we would love to hear from you too!!

Do you know of anyone else who has had a late onset dural puncture headache (ie. past 7 days from the time of epidural or lumbar puncture) - these stories could be very helpful for others who don't fit into the usual "box"!   Your personal details will always be kept private unless you request otherwise. Please send your story to mystory@epidural.net .


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